bookED – the slightly different electronic textbook

Under the new diverse possibilities to make the teaching and learning in the natural and environmental science subjects exciting and vivid, the independent experimentation, the use of explanatory animations and the installation of digital media, especially for pupils, come to the fore.

By creating an explorative, theme-linking, location- and time-independent teaching / learning environment, bookED strives to translate teaching and learning into a “new” learning environment. This step will increase the user’s interest in issues that are often perceived as complex and difficult, and will lead to broader acceptance of applied science and environmental science subjects.
The aim of the bookED project is to involve pupils, teachers, teachers and students in the development of the project in a unique way, since only with the involvement of the users and users (TANDEM development) are complex natural and environmental science topics for the targeted Knowledge dissemination can be developed.

The didactic differentiation and development are taken care of by co-operating teachers, as they know the day-to-day business.


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