#rethink Water

rethinkwaterUse cloth bags instead of plastic bags, go to school by bicycle, go to university, go shopping and buy organic food: Environmental, natural and climate protection play an important role in the daily lives of many people, as is the case with Wasser 3.0.
So easy – so clean – so sustainable!
We believe that the foundation of sustainable environmental work is good communication and education. Then there are joint actions in which “you and me” together tackle things that are good for us and the environment.
An intact environment promotes a healthy development of the people and is in addition to the social and economic influences an important prerequisite for a good quality of life.

Focus! Focus! Focus again and again!

With the knowledge that everything is meant by the environment, which surrounds people all their lives – in the home, on the way to shopping, at work or at leisure, the protection of our planet earth becomes more and more the focus, Human health and well-being depend to a significant extent on the quality of this environment.
For example, did you know that more than seven million tons of plastic garbage get into our oceans every year and are slowly being degraded to microplastic and final CO2 within 450 years? That’s a long time, right?
It’s time to think about where we could do without plastics. An entry point is disposable plastic packaging, which we use only once and then dispose of again.

Even the careless throwing away of garbage, be it the chewing gum, which is simply spat out, because it just bothers you, or even the cigarette butt, which one just shifts away quickly, before you go back into the house, does not have to be, right?

Honestly, here something does not hurt! #rethink


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