Polymers: Everyday Helpers – Microplastics: Global Environmental Problem

Plastics are made of polymers. There are about 200 different types of plastic. In addition, many types of plastic and their subcategories are known, leading to Millions of different products.
More than 8.3 billion tons of plastics have been produced worldwide since 1950. This means a weight of eighty Millions of blue whales (with an average of 104.5 tons)
2.6 billion tons are in use. We have millions of different products.

Plastic products are our everyday helpers, but as soon as this abundance of plastics, with a size smaller than 5mm, is released into the environment, many individual substances become: Microplastics.
The reasons for the high distribution of microplastics in our ecosystems are non-existing, non-efficient or not used recycling and waste disposal processes.
And here my journey starts, because I did not and do not want to close my eyes about growing problems. I set my focus on developing solutions for polluted water. As everybody knows: Clean water is becoming rare BUT it is so important for us. We cannot live without clean water.

Too often our water gets more and more polluted, the wastewater treatment plants are leading their limits.
Cleaning our water from the so called micropollutants – is a huge challenge for scientific and industrial research. Unfortunately, the solutions that have been installed are far away from efficient, effective, holistic and sustainable.

Wasser 3.0 delivers solutions, for cleanwater worldwide. Material and technology in adaptable combinations lead to an effective removal of micropollutants. How this works? Visit: Innovative Solutions.

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