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Wasser 3.0 provides concepts and solutions for improving global water quality.

Together with our cooperation partners and customers, we at Wasser 3.0 are taking the path from the idea through an individual concept to the product.
Wasser 3.0 focuses on the systematic combination of efficient material-technology with effective impulses in the areas of organization, human resources, Industry 4.0 and communication.

Research & Development

We plan new projects, work together to develop solutions to existing challenges and create room for innovation.

Under the leadership of Dr. rer. nat. Katrin Schuhen, the team carries out research, development and innovation projects to address the challenges of the water sector and the need to improve water quality worldwide.

Wasser 3.0 works on all projects, processes and products according to the criteria of corporate responsibility.

We connect with industry, science, politics and society in a purposeful way. With passion and expertise we act together with you. Our goal is our drive and our motivation:
Clean water - worldwide.

Pilot Plants
solutions made by Wasser 3.0
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Corporate Responsibility
efficient and sustained
Research & Development
Research & Development

From the idea to the product. Our approach can be your solution.

Organization & Staff
Organization & Staff

The potential of innovation grows with the people who represent it.

Innovation & Services
Innovation & Services

As a sparring partner, we work out your product market strategies.


Scientifically-based and suitable for everyday use = Wasser 3.0.

Clean Water

Our mission

  • Research & Development
  • Innovation & Services
  • Pilot plants
  • Cost efficiency & sustainability
  • #rethink through enlightenment
Clean Water

Our goals

  • Clean water – worldwide
  • Zero micro-pollutants
  • Efficient solutions
  • Global network
  • Corporate responsibility
Clean Water


  • Partslife Environmental Award, 2019.
  • Environmental Award Rhineland-Palatinate, 2017.
  • Hans Raab Environmental Award, 2016.
  • Excellent place in the Land of Ideas, 2016.
  • GreenTec Awards, 2015.

Research & Development

With the innovative approach “3 concepts for zero micro-pollutants in our water”, Wasser 3.0 offers new, and well thought-out ways for the holistic improvement of water quality in different processes and application areas.

An overview of our scientific work is provided by our publication list.

Our research will be based on your questions and requirement profiles tailored and planned for you.

Our focus is on the direct application.

Our core competencies are in the natural and environmental sciences, material sciences, technological implementation and transfer. In addition, we analyze the possibilities for third-party funding or strategic partnerships for you.

In our publication list you will find the compilation of our scientific papers.

Do you have questions, project ideas or do you need creative input for your projects?

Innovation & Services

We advise you on projects, find solutions together with you and support you in anchoring innovation-promoting structures in your company.

You invest in the future viability of your company, and explore and develop innovative material solutions and their implementation in new or existing technologies together with Wasser 3.0.

We put the project into an overall context with your strategic corporate goals right from the start.

There is no generic strategy for innovation projects.

We provide you with our scientific expertise in the area of Research & Development paired with our know-how in the areas of Innovation & Industry 4.0, Organization & Human Resources, Marketing & Communications. Through this targeted networking of our corporate divisions, we create the basis for the sustainable, successful implementation of innovations.

We provide positive impulses for dealing with the challenges of a rapidly changing market environment throughout the organization.

Have you become curious? We always are!

Pilot Plants

Which contaminants with micropollutants pollute your (waste) water and how can you remove them? Wasser 3.0 provides you efficient, sustainable solutions for your individual challenges. We develop new concepts, material compositions and technologies, analyze your process and develop improvements to existing systems. 

After an extensive evaluation of the current status, we will develop your individual material technology concept and install it in a pilot plant, which is then installed for your test run.

Wasser 3.0 PE-X: Efficient removal of microplastics.

With Wasser 3.0 PE-X, we have developed the first method to remove microplastic from the water without any additional complicated filter technology. In our process, we create table tennis ball sized balls that float on the water surface and are removed from there.

Wasser 3.0 PE-X PLUS: Fourth cleaning stage in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP).

In the area of the fourth cleaning stage in modern wastewater treatment plants, we work on mobile container solutions. By using an adaptive technology paired with a tailor-made material solution, the polluted water is cleaned of unwanted organic chemical micropollutants.


Have you already thought about water today? Do you know how our water quality is? No? Then take a look at our “News” section.

We communicate about water, provide scientifically based facts and specialist contributions, making Wasser 3.0 suitable for everyday use.


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