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Bundling forces.
Achieving goals together.

"We need individual solutions for our water purification. Only adaptable processes deliver a lasting improvement of the water quality!" (Dr. Katrin Schuhen)
Natural & Environmental Sciences, Human Resources & Organization, Marketing & Communications represent core areas of our work. We are the people behind Wasser 3.0. We work for you and with you for clean water - worldwide.

The diversity in the team makes us thoughtful. It turns us into solution finders. We bundle a wide range of disciplines in our team and network with representatives from science, industry, politics and society. Because water affects us all.

Together with you we develop tailor-made solutions for your special requirement profile.

Increases in efficiency within processes are just as possible as re-planning or expansion. Sustainability in all areas is possible. We will show you how.

Corporate Responsibility
efficient and sustained.
Pilot Plants
here you will find the test center
Work Enviroment
With us you will find answers.
together rethink water
  • Dr. Katrin Schuhen


    A path is created as you go!

    For me, a look into the depth of a topic counts as much as the breadth, because only then do you get the complete overview and insight and can develop application-oriented solutions.
    CV (PDF)
  • Chilli

    Head of Desaster
    Calming influence.

    I love water!

    For many years now I love to be in, on and around the water. My job is to encourage my team to make clean water faster so that it remains a refreshing and drinkable experience for many people.
  • Dennis Schober

    Team Member

    Change succeeds through ideas, courage and elbows.

    As an environmental scientist and wastewater technician, I am the link between the laboratory, the sewage treatment plant and the waters. My job is to transfer the ideas that work in the test tube, to realistic conditions in the wastewater matrix.
  • Michael Sturm

    Team Member
    Solution Thinker.
    Solution Seeker.
    Solution Finder.

    Water is the basis of all life, so we should protect water especially.

    As an environmental scientist, I am working on the development and evaluation of new methods and concepts for the removal of micropollutants such as microplastics and pharmaceutical residues from wastewater.


How does an idea become an everyday product?

In addition to innovation and professional know-how, it also requires an overall view of all subareas.

In a dynamic process, Wasser 3.0 networks participating partners at national and international levels in all relevant areas so that the innovation potential leads to a common goal.

Work environment

Burning ideas, developing concepts, planning projects, carrying out pilot plant runs, improving processes, establishing innovations in the market, achieving long-term improvements for people and the environment, achieving goals.

Wasser 3.0 comes into play when solutions are sought and needed.

In the working environment of Research & Development and Innovation & Services we work on the interfaces Human – Idea – Innovation – Product – Market. The success of a project depends on many factors. We look at every process step and, at the same time, we always have the overall process in view. We develop your solution together with you.

In the area of Organization & Human Resources, we offer you not only strategic organizational development, employer branding and recruiting, but also offers in the areas of development & qualification, business mediation, moderation and executive coaching.

Changes start in your head and paths arise as you go. We are ready. You too?

Corporate Reponsibility

With Corporate Responsibility, we describe our responsibility at Wasser 3.0 for the impact of our activities on society and the environment.

We integrate economic, ecological and social issues with the aim of sustainable development of projects and ideas.

Transparency and dialogue are an important part of our work. We act internationally where we progressively develop the implementation of sustainability strategies at local, regional, national and global level and adapt them to the relevant conditions and attitudes.

We want to create scientifically based solutions, economic feasibility and at the same time to educate and sensitize the consciousness. Changes begin in the mind and when the human being realizes what the added value and meaningfulness of a change is, then this can change your or my actual actions. The time is now for “less talking – make!



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